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In short, they applied the tried and tested formula of approaching friends and family, knocking on doors and having stands outside the local shop or market.

Fundraising for sports clubs, charity organisations and schools had traditionally been done with chocolates, sausage sizzles and the like. With those products they could make up to $2.00 per item, sometimes only $0.50

When they discovered an everyday item that they could make $10.00 per item, they were really interested... and it worked!!!

Is your school's PTA brainstroming fresh ideas for fundraising? We have the perfect solution, whether you are raising funds for new equipment or trips for smaller school groups. 

Sports Teams & Athletes

We have helped many small sports teams and individual athletes make their way to competitions and events by providing an everyday household item in demand by everyone.

The KTG Fundraiser is the ideal way for families and friends to contribute to your fundraising efforts.

What Our Fundraising Partners Say

Vanessa Gerrie

Mount College

On behalf of Mount College Junior A Volley Ball Team a big thank you for making the toilet tissue fundraising option available to us.

Some of the boys raised $300+ individually and collectively through corporate sales the team also raised $700 which was spent on uniforms. All up we raised $2,160.

We are now into the second weekend of three to decide Bay of Plenty rankings for the National Competition in Wellington in two weeks. Currently we are sitting first and are hopeful of a top 10 placing in the Nationals (with Orewa the defending champions!!)

I am looking forward to catching up and discussing further fundraising opportunities next year.

Thanks again,


Ange Barker

Riverview School PTA

Riverview School PTA has been using the KTG Toilet Paper fundraiser for 2 years now and have found it to be a successful, hassle free way of fundraising.  Once the processes were set up from the first run through we have been able to repeat it every second term and raise thousands of dollars for the School PTA with little time investment from our volunteers.  We would definitely recommend this fundraiser to others as it is also eco-friendly and a product every household and business needs

Kelly Trye

Kerikeri AIMS Football Team

We needed a fundraiser that was outside of the box, we wanted to raise money easily, and gain maximum profit for minimal work. KTG and their toilet paper fundraiser ticked all the boxes. We very quickly sold a large amount, as "who doesn't need toilet paper". Once we put our order through, we had our product in just a few days. This way of fundraising is very easy, and well thought out by KTG, who support you through the process. I would recommend this is any group wanting maximum profit for minimal output. It was a great way to supplement our other fundraising efforts.

Thank you KTG

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